Customer Reviews

Read what our valued clients have to say about their experiences working with Unison Builds, LLC. We take pride in delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations.
“Am more than happy to review Chris’ team and Unison’s work. They renovated our apartment building with almost 100 apartments. It was built in 1959 and no significant work or updates had been done since then. Their work is very impressive. They attended to every detail. Items that really stand out include the marble bathrooms, the kitchen and countertops, the contemporary flairs, and the overall extremely high quality of the workmanship. They are a great team. We were lucky to have them on the job.”
– Kelly Kempner
“It gives me great pleasure to write this review for Unison Builds LLC. Chris and his team handled the complete interior and exterior renovation of our 7,500 square feet office building. Their work included adding seven new offices, a gorgeous marble kitchen and dining room, a wonderful reception area, an executive conference room with a 14-foot table, the CEO’s new office, and nearly everything else. He is a reliable builder. His team takes great pride in what they do. And the work proceeded even faster than we expected.”
– Monica K
“ABOVE AND BEYOND EXCEPTIONA! Unison Builds, LLC helped us with the planning of a 109 unit luxury home development. Their entire team is dedicated to providing you with the best services possible. They far exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge, communication and dedication reflect a strong commitment to exceeding every expectation, all throughout the entire process. From the design phase to vertical build, you can rest assured that Unison will maintain their commitment to you. Highly recommend the team! In the end, you can expect a beautiful, well thought out and exceptionally built home(s)!”
– Shelly Moore
“We worked with Chris and Unison’s design team on a large historical preservation project. It involved renovation and conversion of a 300,000 square foot historic courthouse building. It was being repurposed to house several regional museums and a small hotel. The Unison team was amazingly creative, energetic, agile, and professional. Their designs, ideas, and plans showed imagination and creativity that was frankly better than the largest design and construction firms we have worked with. I have known Chris, Unison’s owner, for 35 years. He can build almost anything, at a fair price, and at the highest quality.”
– Gregory Montanaro
“Chris Robbins and his group built my company’s offices in Denver. It was a 3,500 square feet project and included a marble reception area, full kitchen, conference room, and offices for our entire team. Chris delivered the facility to us early. Chris is hands-on, he brings people together, and he is a high-quality builder. I definitely recommend Chris and would use him again.”
– Marc Schtul
“We are a prominent boutique multifamily brokerage in our area. We have seen their impressive work and they are trailblazers and excellent at what they do.”
– Lea Heilig
“Not all General Contractors are created equal. Our architectural firm’s experience working with Chris and the Unison team has been a delight. Chris is energetic, creative, and hands-on. He is great to work with in the early design phases of a project, offering sound advice and wisdom based on his past building experience. Sometimes Architects and General Contractors can have an adversarial relationship. This is not so with Chris and his team. He appreciates, understands, and participates in the design process. He is a clear advocate for his customers and always keeps their needs/desires in focus while striving to balance those needs/desires with creating a final project that is beautiful, efficient, and economically within his client’s stated budget. Chris has the honesty, character, and integrity to discuss hard truths with customers who at times can have desires and ideas that do not fit within a stated budget. This is important in managing project expectations. We love to work with Chris and the Unison team and look forward to working with them into the future!”
– James Powers
“Following renovation by Chris Robbins and his construction team, I was one of the first residents of the Melrose, along with several other FedEx employees. The two-bedroom unit exceeded all my expectations. Taking delivery of a new unit from Chris was painless. He and his team handled all finish work promptly and professionally prior to move-in. We had no issues. The unit was one of the nicest ones in the neighborhood. It was built in a contemporary style and with a modern kitchen. This was one of 94 units that Chris renovated. Chris builds to very high standards and I recommend him for any project.” He is a clear advocate for his customers and always keeps their needs/desires in focus while striving to balance those needs/desires with creating a final project that is beautiful, efficient, and economically within his client’s stated budget. Chris has the honesty, character, and integrity to discuss hard truths with customers who at times can have desires and ideas that do not fit within a stated budget. This is important in managing project expectations. We love to work with Chris and the Unison team and look forward to working with them into the future!”
– Tucker Youngblood
“Thank you for building our firm’s law office. This was a 3,386 square foot, 14-room project in Denver. It was even more beautiful than we expected.
Extra thanks for a very attractive reception area, custom furniture (the reception desk was perfect), our kitchen, conference room, and marble floors. Other attractive features we are excited about are the hardwood trim work and reeded full-light glass doors (your design ideas), that give the facility a serious and elegant look.
I have been involved in construction projects my entire career. This was one of the easiest and most efficient projects I have been involved with. Although you offered to connect us with design professionals you work with, we selected an architect I had a strong relationship with and many years of experience working with. He provided blueprints. You and your project manager had constructive and valuable advice, which we took, and the architect promptly finalized these drawings.
We were expecting the actual construction to take many months. You out-performed here, too. I was amazed at how quickly you mobilized your construction team and subcontractors. I visited almost every day and noticed that as one trade finished its work another was bringing in their tools and equipment to get started.”
– Joseph Webb, Esq.
“Chris and his construction team built our company’s first headquarters and call center in Denver. It was a 3,764 square foot project. We recommend him. The scope of Chris’ work included nearly everything. During the planning stage, Chris worked with us to understand our needs and objectives. Following these brain-storming sessions Chris brought in an architect. In a week, our vision was set out in blueprints. We had only minor changes.
The construction phase was equally smooth. That surprised us. We have been involved with plenty of projects that were not so easy. Chris, his team, and his subcontractors were on the job promptly and it was neat to see how fast they worked. The delivery of our headquarters and call center exceeded our expectations. Not only was Chris’ team ahead of schedule, but they helped us get the facility up and running, even down to the office furniture.
One memorable example is that Chris helped us pick up and assemble a very large number of office cubicles – enough for our entire call center. The cubicles filled Chris’ large box truck two times over. We obtained these second-hand from a wholesale pet food company. While we saved about $150,000 compared to new Herman Miller cubicles, the downside was the cubicles arrived smelling awful. They smelled just like dog food.
Fortunately, Chris’ team found a way to steam clean the cubicle panels. After some experimenting, he was even able to eliminate the smell by mixing laundry detergent into the steam cleaner’s reservoir. There were about 200 panels and thousands of connector parts. It took one member of Chris’ team three full days to put together this puzzle.
I shared this story so you can see what type of person Chris is. He does anything and everything for a customer. He is the type of person who enjoys helping for the sake of helping, no other reason. He did not charge for the cubicles, the cleaning, or the transportation. We felt during this entire experience that Chris was part of our team, not a contractor.”
– Jake DiRe
“Chris Robbins asked me to discuss my experience when he built my medical office in Denver. My practice specializes in obesity medicine and provides personalized medical care for weight loss.
The process started with design. Chris used his own designer to help with drawings. The final blueprint showed a seven-room facility with two exam rooms for our patients. Chris and his team members paid good attention. So, while I did have minor changes to the blueprints, Chris quickly understood my vision, my priorities, and what my patients needed for our project to be successful. He even worked with me on small details like cabinetry, storage, and paint colors to get these right before construction started.
Work started quickly. And to make a short story even shorter, we were happy when we saw the product. The quality, workmanship, and appearance of our facility are very high. It is a pleasant and functional space for my team and my patients. This was my first time building a commercial facility and Chris made it very easy. Other than decision-making at the beginning, I barely had to do anything.
After construction, we did have one issue. I want to mention it because I think it shows Chris’ level of customer service. About 18 months after we settled in, a very loud neighbor moved in next-door. They were so noisy that it interfered with our work and the experience our patients were having. Within a few days of alerting him, Chris returned. His team brainstormed and solved the problem.
The solution was to simply add additional sound insulation to exterior walls, to bring other walls “up to the deck,” and to insulate parts of our ceilings. It took his team a few days to do all of this. He didn’t charge us anything. It fixed the problem. I recommend Chris. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.”
– Rebecca M Andrick, D.O.
“We are the proud owners of a mountain home in the South Valley of Steamboat Springs built by the Robbins team. Merging natural landscapes with luxury mountain living, this little slice of paradise on 36 acres of rolling countryside is one of the most beautiful homes we have ever owned.
Timeless design is undoubtedly one of the homes greatest attributes. Every detail is meticulously thought out and impeccably executed. Two examples are the home’s great room and its landscaping.
The grandeur of the main living area is accentuated by a soaring gabled ceiling over 20-feet high without a single column or post to obstruct the expansive views. A wall of windows adjacent to a floor-to-ceiling fireplace enrich the abundant luxury design elements.
A botanical garden is the hallmark of this extensively landscaped haven. Custom built waterfalls and dual streams weaving through the lush greenery, an extensive pond, and mature trees offering shade, make the home feel like a private, magical, mountain retreat. And it truly is for us!”
– Jamie & Stacey Cheek
“Chris Robbins and his construction team handled the expansion of former Evergreen Research, Inc., now known as the ERI Group. We are a 35-year-old, 70-employee firm. We help bring medical devices and innovations to market, including manufacturing, product design, development, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.
The expansion project Chris handled for the ERI Group was at our headquarters and manufacturing facility. It is located in Genesee in Jefferson County. The expansion was 5,349 square feet. In addition, Chris handled 1,324 square feet of renovation work, after the expansion was finished.
The work occurred in phases over about 15 months. The final products included a gorgeous conference room, several suites of new offices, marble floors in some common areas, and custom-built furniture, in the form of a reception desk (made from ledger stone). The renovation work also included expanding our product development laboratory.
There are always a few things that crop up after a construction project starts to wind down. Chris was diligent in getting them all completed and on time. In fact, Chris is the type of person who will improve, tinker, or fix things on his own, even before they are noticed.
Nobody makes it look easier than Chris. He is high energy, loves his job, and brings people together. The quality of his team and his subcontractors is high. He has a can-do (not a bureaucratic) attitude. I would trust him to build and finish anything on time and within budget.”
– Gary Heath